Private Piano Lessons

Time Frame

Private Lessons are provided on a weekly basis in 30, 45 or 60 minute time slots. Beginning students should enroll for a 30 minute slot. Intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to enroll for 45 and 60 minute lessons.

Late Arrival Policy

The time schedules for each student lesson is reserved for his or her exclusive use. Arriving later than the time scheduled will result in a shorter lesson. Time will not be taken from the following lesson to accomodate late arrivals.

Areas of Study

Private lessons will focus primarily on developing good technique, and a large repertoire of pieces. Private lessons will also cover music theory, sight reading and ear training skills and music history.

The Piano

The students will perform on a Yamaha 7'6" Grand Piano.

Play on Jane Lester's Beloved
Yamaha 7'6" Grand Piano.

Piano students will play on Yamaha Grand Piano for private lessons.

How much will private piano lessons cost?

Great musicians are not born, they are taught.

How to Practice Piano

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