What is this year's practice incentive?

Jane Lester Piano Lessons

Why I use Practice Incentives in the Studio

1. They keep the student's practicing "Goal Orientated", not time orientated.
All students need to read their assignment book to make sure they have accomplished these goals. The time spent practicing should be logged in their assignment book

2. Establish a specific and routine time to begin practice each day.
Perhaps immediately after school, or following supper.

3. They build a sense of Community and Camaraderie.
Every year, the students look forward to the revealing of the new theme. Each theme is all-inclusive and will fit all ages of students. The studio decorations always include a way for each student's progress to be documented. The students can see each other's progress and it helps them stay connected.

4. They serve as a means for Students to develop conscientious practice habits.
Practice incentives give students the opportunity to build up their weak areas and sharpen their strengths. They also help the students become independent musicians, relying on their knowledge and using their goals to accomplish their pieces.

5. They provide a system of checks and balances for each week's lesson plans.
All students have objectives they are working on each year. By doing a practice incentive, these objectives are included in the goals for each student. This keeps us all focused on the end result.

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