The Key to musical success is not time spent, but rather mind spent.

I believe in well rounded students,so I therefore applaud all activities enjoyed by your child. However, I truly believe that in order to be successful, and improve your skill at the piano, you must be able to have the time to practice it every day. If you treat Piano Lessons like an academic subject, students will progress and improve!

  1. The students will have practice goals to accomplish each day.

    The Students' assignment are written into their Better Practice App. They will need to log on everyday to make sure they complete the weeks assignments and their goals are completed. The time spent practicing will be logged in their Better Practice App automatically.

  2. Establish a specific and routine time to begin practice each day.

    Perhaps immediately after school, or following supper.

  3. Ensure there are no interruptions during practice.

    Such as friends, phone calls, or demands that other chores be accomplished.

  4. Find a quiet place to practice.

    The practice location should not be in the middle of a major family traffic area in the house. Parents and siblings can unwittingly contribute to interrupting the practice session.

  5. Complete written homework.

    Often students have some written activities to complete as part of their practice requirement for the week. Parents, with or without a musical background, can check and make sure this is done.

  6. Above all, be encouraging!

    Music is one of the purest forms of self-expression. Take time and listen to your child play and be proud of what they are sharing with you.